Advantage Smart Fog Humidification System Cold Storage

Inside most refrigerators is a drawer labeled “crisper”. This is the best place for storing fresh fruits and vegetables until they are ready to be consumed. The purpose of the crisper is to enclose the vegetables in a small, cold space with a higher humidity level than the rest of the refrigerator. The same concept can be applied to commercial cold storage. Smart Fog ® cold storage equipment provides the right amount of humidity for goods in cold storage without excessive dampness.

There is a fine line in the amount of moisture tolerated by cold storage goods. Too much can lead to wilting and encourage frost, whereas too little and the products dry out and get “freezer burn”. Smart Fog ® systems are designed to spray a fine micromist ( dry fog) into the cold storage environment. This mist is dispersed evenly throughout the storage unit so that it will not collect as droplets on surfaces. The result is a higher level of humidity without the risk of frost formation.

Smart Fog ® systems are self regulating and do not need to be adjusted unlike other misting units. Frequent openings of the door of the cold storage unit can change the humidity levels, but the Smart Fog ® system monitors this and changes the amount of Dry Fog it produces.

Goods kept in cold storage should last for a long time, and the key to keeping these items fresh for the maximum amount of time is to regulate the humidity levels with Smart Fog ® cold storage equipment.

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