A Fog System for Greenhouses with Many Advantages

A fog system for greenhouses can provide the special humidification needed by plants. Our Smart Fog system can be controlled so that plants do not experience extreme changes in humidity that are harmful to them. Smart Fog humidification systems provide automated continual humidity levels from 1 percent to 99 percent humidity.

Our fog system works with no wetting

We make a fog system that will not leave wetting or pooling on plants. We realize that too much moisture in the air results in wetting, so we have designed our products that will not do this. Too much standing water that results with standard humidifiers encourages mold and mildew on many plants and can damage them.

We also offer a misting and cooling fog system

Our misting and cooling systems provide water to plants that is absorbed through the air by their leaves. There are no puddles of water with our misting system, just as there are none with Smart Fog foggers.

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