6 Reasons Why Every Medical Facility Needs an Industrial Humidifier

An industrial humidifier is an important addition to any medical facility. This includes doctor’s offices, hospital rooms, operating rooms, and more. Not only do the humidifiers keep the environment comfortable for patients, but they can also reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses. In addition, humidifiers can spray disinfectant into the room. This is critical in a medical facility, especially during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Smart Fog provides industrial humidifiers that will make any medical environment safer for both patients and medical providers.

Achieve Precise Humidity Levels

It is vital that humidity levels are controlled in a medical environment. Forbes discusses a study from a hospital that concludes, “At low relative humidity, indoor air was strongly associated with higher infection rates.” According to the study, the perfect amount of humidity for indoor air is between 40% and 60%. An industrial humidifier can help ensure that your medical facility is maintaining a precise level of humidity all day. At Smart Fog, our systems are equipped with a CPLC controller, which has an algorithm that works to generate the set level of needed humidity 24/7.

100% Evaporation

Some humidifiers leave behind moisture on the surfaces in the room. Not Smart Fog! Our industrial humidifiers have tiny droplets that are only 4.2 microns. With humidifiers, the smaller the droplet, the longer it can stay airborne. Before the droplet even reaches the surface, 100% evaporation is achieved. This is very important in a hospital environment. If the humidifier was leaving behind moisture on surfaces, patients could slip and fall, risking severe injuries. In addition, medical facilities contain many important pieces of technology that should not be getting wet.

Reduce Bacteria, Viruses, and Dust


Another benefit of the micron size droplets is that they reduce airborne viruses and bacteria. Smart Fog humidifiers inject oxygen into each micron droplet. This causes a reversal in the correlation effect so that bacteria and viruses are attracted to the droplets. Once they are attracted, they are fully oxidized. In a hospital setting, it is vital to try and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses as much as possible. These airborne toxins can make sick patients even sicker. The industrial humidifiers can be used to reduce viruses and bacteria in patients’ rooms, hospital hallways, operating rooms, and more! Smart Fog offers mobile humidifiers for flexibility and ease, and wall-mounted units for areas that need a humidifier full-time.  

Smart Fog systems are also able to attract and suppress dust. In fact, the dust suppression rate is 100%. Medical environments need to be kept as clean as possible, so it is important that dust isn’t lying around on surfaces around the facility

Efficient and Effective Disinfecting

Another benefit of a Smart Fog industrial humidifier is that they efficiently and effectively disinfect medical spaces when filled with a disinfectant solution. Any water-dissolving chemical or material can be used with a Smart Fog system. As mentioned above, Smart Fog humidifiers don’t leave behind moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the disinfecting solution being left on surfaces. A Smart Fog ES100 system can disinfect a room in a matter of minutes with 100% application success. It will even get into those hard-to-reach places! The humidifier provides quick, uniform coverage across the entire room. In addition, the system has precise control, so there is no need for calibration.


Another reason every healthcare facility needs an industrial humidifier is due to the automation it offers. With a Smart Fog system, you can rest assured that your facility is automatically getting the proper levels of humidity both day and night. In addition, the disinfecting is automated as well. This means no risk of human error! Every surface of the room will be cleaned at a specific time. No area will go forgotten or untouched. The Smart Fog ES100MC provides medical facilities with a fully automated solution.

Easy to Install and Easy to Maintain

Smart Fog industrial humidifiers are a great investment for any medical facility to make. Not only do they make the air cleaner, safer, and more comfortable, they are also extremely easy to maintain. This means once it’s set up, you will rarely have to worry about things breaking or having to perform maintenance. The setup is simple. Just plug this system in, and you are ready to go! The system is durable thanks to the flexible plastic piping and lack of moving parts. All Smart Fog systems come with a one-year comprehensive warranty, and an optional extended warranty can be provided as well.

Part of maintaining a medical facility is making sure the environment is as clean, comfortable, and safe as possible. An industrial humidifier can help achieve all of these things. Smart Fog makes wall-mounted and mobile humidifiers that can be placed in a variety of different medical settings, from hospitals to doctor’s offices. These humidifiers produce micron droplets that help reduce viruses, bacteria, and dust. In addition, they provide precise levels of humidity 24/7. The micron droplets have a 100% evaporation rate, so you will never find a wet surface caused by the humidifier. In addition, the humidifiers can be used to disinfect the area they are in. Put a disinfecting solution in the humidifier, and the space will be cleaned quickly with uniform coverage. Everything the Smart Fog system does is automated. This takes out the risk of human error and ensures that the humidity levels and disinfecting are being taken care of automatically. If your medical facility is interested in an industrial humidifier and wants to learn more about the benefits, contact Smart Fog today.

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