5 Benefits of Dry Fog Commercial Humidifiers

Humidification systems play a vital role in commercial businesses when it comes to controlling the environment for optimal productivity, safety, and quality assurance. Improper humidity levels cause damaging effects over time to equipment, products, and the workforce. The good news is: innovation in the industry has developed efficient solutions for these moisture problems. Let’s discuss these solutions more by looking at five benefits of Smart Fog® technology with dry Fog commercial humidifiers.

#1. 4.2 Micron Droplets Oxidizes Bacteria, Dust, Viruses, and Mold

Smart Fog® technology has the smallest droplets of any humidification technology in the industry. This is done through a reverse correlation process, which refers to the cohesion and adhesion properties in water. This is a non-chemical process that maximizes adhesion and reverses the cohesion, resulting in 4.2-micron droplets and an oxidation effect on bacteria, dust, viruses, and mold, thus eliminating them and creating a safer and healthier environment.

#2. Uses 50 to 90% Less Energy and Water

The natural de-correlation process used to create the 4.2-micron droplets is energy-efficient, using 50 to 90% less energy and water. Other humidification systems, such as high pressure, steam, ultrasonic, and atomization – are all energy intense processes. Smart Fog® technology, used in our dry fog humidifiers, not only creates the smallest droplets but does it with less energy and water than other humidification systems.

#3. Low Maintenance and Long Lasting

One of the main reasons why Smart Fog® technology is low maintenance is because of the de-correlation process involved in creating the small 4.2 micron droplets. Usually, with commercial humidifiers, the orifices get clogged because of the narrow nozzles going in and out. Smart Fog® technology allows for a large orifice to facilitate both input and output, which means it doesn’t clog very easily. Also, our dry Fog commercial humidifiers’ nozzles are made from high-grade 316 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Because of the low maintenance (required every two years), no moving parts, quality manufacturing (engineered and manufactured in the U.S.A.), plug and play installation, and quality materials used – our dry Fog commercial humidifiers with Smart Fog® technology are long-lasting, life time systems.

#4. No Wetting or Drains

Smart Fog® technology makes humidity, fumigation, and cooling solutions possible without wetting or drains. The 4.2-micron droplets evaporate 100% before they reach any surface so that no moisture will collect on any exposed surfaces. This eliminates wetting and the need for drains from the commercial humidifier.

#5. Safe Low-Pressure System 

The last thing commercial businesses need is a high-pressure humidification system to regulate, maintain, and control. Most commercial businesses have enough equipment to control, so it’s a refreshing change to have a safe, plug and play, low-pressure humidification system – that works better than the alternatives.

Smart Fog® technology only utilizes 100 psi of compressed air; the system is completely pneumatic, except for the control unit which uses only 2 AMPs of 24 V DC. This makes our commercial humidifiers easy to install and safe for any work environment – while still being highly effective in controlling humidity levels.

Summary Commercial Humidifiers

Smart Fog® technology makes it possible to control the humidity levels in a commercial environment, without the common problems they create: wetting, high maintenance, constant regulation, hazard to workforce, and difficult installation. This is an industry leading technology, giving commercial businesses the most efficient humidification systems available. Smart Fog’s four different industrial humidifiers can meet the need of any application, including remote use with the ES100 Mobile Humidifier.

These five benefits are not available with alternative humidification systems and are good reasons for commercial businesses to consider our dry Fog commercial humidifiers with Smart Fog® technology. Smart Fog has been perfecting our humidification systems for 30 years, to meet the humidification needs of commercial businesses. To learn more about Smart Fog® technology, please contact us today.

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