5 Benefits of a Smart Fog Industrial Humidifier in a Warehouse

Warehouses can be used to store many different items that need to be in humidity-controlled environments. Things like food, medications, and drinks need to be kept in warehouses that are temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled so that they maintain their optimum quality and don’t go bad. The best way to combat fluctuating humidity levels is to install an industrial humidifier in the warehouse. Smart Fog humidifiers contain technology that uses algorithms and sensors to make sure the humidity level in the warehouse is being kept at the precise, set amount. These humidifiers do much more than just maintaining humidity levels. They also suppress dust, bacteria, and viruses. Warehouse owners and managers will also be happy to know that they are easy to install and require little maintenance. Industrial humidifiers allow you to take humidity control at the warehouse off your worry list. Your products will stay fresher for longer and you won’t lose money due to them going bad.

An Industrial Humidifier Provides Precise Humidity Levels

Many warehouses require precise levels of humidity to keep the products inside fresh. For example, a warehouse that holds fruit before it gets sent to stores needs to have exact levels of humidity at all times of the day. If the humidity levels were constantly fluctuating, the fruit could ripen too soon or too late, making it unusable. This could cause a large loss in fruit and money over time. Smart Fog industrial humidifiers contain a CPLC controller. This controller uses an algorithm that identifies how to most efficiently generate the needed humidity in a warehouse. The algorithm along with a relative humidity sensor is constantly working to achieve the correct levels of humidity and making adjustments when needed. The accuracy of the humidity sensors are within 0.1 and 1% depending on the model.

In addition to controlling humidity, these systems have cooling technology as well. They can keep a warehouse environment at a cooler temperature. This feature is beneficial for warehouses located in hot places or warehouses that contain equipment that puts off a lot of heat.

100% Dust Suppression

Another benefit of using a Smart Fog industrial humidifier in a warehouse is that it has a 100% dust suppression rate. Whether your warehouse stores food, cars, or computers, having these items covered in dust is unwise. It can, over time, affect the quality of things like electronics and it can make food inedible.

So how does a humidifier get rid of dust? Dust suppression is all thanks to the micron droplets. If humidifier droplets are larger than 5 microns, then air particles like dust retract from the droplets. Since Smart Fog uses droplets that are only 4.2 microns, the dust particles are attracted to the droplets and oxidized. The small droplets provide a 100% dust suppression rate, meaning no dust particles will be landing on the items in your warehouse.

Reduces Bacteria

The humidifier also reduces bacteria within the warehouse, which is perfect for warehouses that contain food. This is very helpful in preventing outbreaks of foodborne illnesses. Just like with the dust particles, bacteria is attracted to the micron droplets. Adhesion is maximized and bacteria is oxidized in the air without ever landing on your food. The reduction of bacteria in food warehouses is important because it keeps consumers safe and healthy. It also reduces the amount of recalls you have to put on your food. Recalls are extremely damaging to a company as it makes consumers doubt the brand and purchase elsewhere.

Reduces Viruses

Reduces Viruses

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, it has now become more important than ever to reduce virus spread in any way that we can. In addition to hand sanitizer and face masks, keep your warehouse employees safe through an industrial humidifier. Airborne virus particles are attracted to the micron particles which reduces the likelihood that they come into human contact. Having a humidifier can hopefully reduce the number of sick employees as well as the spread of illness from person to person.

An Industrial Humidifier Is Easy to Install and Requires Little Maintenance

There are so many things in warehouses that require frequent upkeep and maintenance. Luckily, an industrial humidifier is not one of them. Smart Fog humidifiers are easy to install. The humidifiers are installed through a simple plug and play system. The system does not require the use of adhesives and it comes with reusable push-in connectors. The humidifiers are compliant with building codes and electrical requirements, so you don’t need to worry about violating specific warehouse codes. The system has no moving parts and the plastic flexible piping is extremely durable. The systems have no drains, pumps or fans. The lack of moving parts and the durable piping cuts down on the need for system maintenance. The humidifiers are also flexible as to where they can be placed. They can be wall mounted or inserted into the ducts of the warehouse. The only maintenance required is replacing the filter every two years.

A Smart Fog industrial humidifier is a great addition to any warehouse. Through the use of algorithms and sensors, it is able to keep a warehouse at the precise level of humidity needed. This helps keep the products being stored fresh and high-quality. In addition, the humidifier also reduces dust, bacteria, and viruses. These are three things you definitely don’t want inside your warehouse. The systems are easy to install and maintain. They contain no moving parts and simply mount onto the wall or inside ducts. When it comes to a warehouse, quality control is very important. An industrial humidifier can help with quality control inside the warehouse. For more information about industrial humidifiers and how they are beneficial inside warehouses, contact Smart Fog today.

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