4 Commercial Humidifiers For Every Industry Need

Humidity and cooling solutions are needed in many industries: clean rooms, printing companies, laboratories, etc. For each unique environment there is a commercial humidifier designed for whatever conditions demand. The different models of Smart Fog systems all deliver precise control with patented technology, creating the smallest water droplet (4.2 microns) of any commercial humidifier currently available.

ES100 Industrial Humidifier – Direct Space Humidifier

The ES100 System is a fully-automated system that is as easy to maintain as it is to install. No moving parts are involved, just plug it in and it’s ready to perform. The only routine maintenance required is a filter element change every two years. Bacteria, dust and mold are eliminated with a system that can be wall mounted or installed in existing ductwork. It is perfect for industrial applications requiring environmental control of a particular workspace.

A user-friendly control interface makes it easy to customize settings. Sensors ensure the automated system provides precise humidity control within 1% of the conditions selected. The non-wetting technology is designed to prevent the occurrence of wet spots. This feature effectively maintains humidity levels without compromising safety. This model can also double as a cooling system by opting for evaporative cooling and cold fog. For companies who want to focus on production rather than environmental controls, this automated system delivers.

TS100 In-Duct Humidifier

If your business requires an industrial grade humidifier system be installed in existing ductwork, providing humidity control throughout an entire building, the TS100 series is the perfect choice. A 100% evaporation system, it has no requirement for drains, ducts or droplet screens making the install as simple as placement and plug-in. No moving parts means no maintenance other than a filter element change every two years.

Four models are available to meet every cooling and humidifying need. A communication package allows for data collection and remote control from a compatible PC. Designed as a modular system, it is easy to customize to fit any application and control conveniently. The system is also compatible with many building automation systems for further convenience in an industrial environment.

Despite large scale capacity, this humidifier conserves energy and water as it operates. It also provides superior performance in sanitizing air quality. Not only does it eliminate bacteria and mold, but viruses and insects also become a thing of the past. High-level performance provides complete dust suppression. It is no wonder that the TS100 series is popular with industry today.

ES100M – Mobile Humidifier

If your humidifier needs are portable, this is the perfect system. It is simple to use. Users only need to plug-in to humidify, disinfect, or create cold storage conditions. The ES100M applications are perfect for any aspect of the transportation industry, whether by land or sea. Who might need portable cold storage solutions?

  • Food industry
  • Hospitals
  • Institutions of learning
  • Laboratories
  • Small business
  • Personal use in the home

The ES100M is an economical solution to meet any portable humidity control or disinfecting need. Despite its mobility, it provides fully-automated functionality. The durable design is easy to maintain. It only requires a filter element change every two years. Unlike other systems, nozzle heads remain clog-free and do not require replacement.

Precision humidity control is simple to achieve within the space of an average room. It is easy to use water dissolving chemicals to create a disinfecting fog. If you need portable, small-scale humidity control that performs with industrial scale quality and reliability, the ES100 provides outstanding performance.

FT100 – Fog Tunnel Solutions

If the need is to retro-fit existing conveyor systems, or design a custom system, FT100 is the solution. This fog tunnel system is constructed of a stainless steel enclosure that can be installed in existing conveyor systems. Food grade materials are BPA free as well as UL and NSF approved. It is designed to create optimal conditions for cleanliness by filtering air and water before entry into the operating system. Air and water output are oxygenated to further enhance the cleanliness of the system’s operation. For food industry environmental control solutions, FT100 is the answer.

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