3 Main Benefits of Using the Fog Tunnel to Sanitize, Clean, and Preserve Produce

The processes of cleaning, sanitizing, and managing produce has become more efficient over the last century, yet the demand for faster production, higher volumes, and keeping up with food and safety regulations, have created different challenges in modern times. Also, for many produce farmers, the existing conveyor belts and machinery used is, simply, too expensive to completely replace. The good news is there’s an affordable and effective solution to upgrade this machinery: the Fog Tunnel by Smart Fog. Here are 3 main benefits of using the Fog Tunnel to sanitize, clean, and preserve produce:


    1. Modernizing Previous Equipment without Replacing
    2. Effective Method to Clean, Sanitize, and Improve Quality of Produce
    3. Materials are Compliant with Food Safety Standards


Modernizing Previous Equipment without Replacing:

One of the biggest advantages of using Smart Fog’s Fog Tunnel humidification system is: not having to replace any existing conveyor belts or equipment already used. The Fog Tunnel can be custom manufactured or retrofitted onto any existing conveyor system, which saves produce farmers from losing previous investments while still getting the needed upgrade.

Effective Method to Sanitize, Clean, and Improve Quality of Produce

What makes the Fog Tunnel special is the innovative technology that powers it: Smart Fog® Technology uses a non-chemical, mechanical process, which produces 4.2 micron droplets (smallest in industry). The size of the droplets creates the advantage over other humidification systems; the tiny droplets attracts bacteria, plant pathogens, and spoilage organisms – then eliminates them through an oxidization process.

This is called adiabatic humidification (evaporation), yet, because of the tiny droplets, the Fog Tunnel has many advantages over inferior adiabatic humidification systems, including: low pressure, energy-efficiency, very low maintenance, and superior sanitizing and evaporation ability. Also, the system is constantly oxygenated at output with special fogger nozzle technology.

Farmers can use the Fog Tunnel to treat their produce directly after harvest and/or before storage and packing. The Fog Tunnel Treatment System will increase the quality and decrease the spoilage of the produce; and, any water dissolving material can be used within the system, including a pre-mixed solution or our intelligent INJ-1 Automatic Injection system.

Materials are Compliant with Food and Safety Standards

The Fog Tunnel is made from the highest grade stainless steel, and all materials are food grade, including the plastic piping for the water and air to pass through. All materials and components used are: approved by UL and NSF, RoHS compliant, and BPA free.

Smart Fog understands produce farmers have food and safety regulations and compliance requirements, and we make sure all of our materials are compliant with these standards throughout the world. Also, the contained structure is designed to limit worker exposure and the low pressure, non-chemical humidification system ensures safety as well.


The Fog Tunnel is a highly adaptable and effective humidification system that can be used in large commercial environments or smaller independent operations. Produce farmers can upgrade their existing conveyor belts and equipment with a retrofitted Fog Tunnel humidification system, using materials complaint with any food and safety requirements needed.

What makes the Fog Tunnel so effective in sanitizing produce, is the Smart Fog® Technology, which creates 4.2 micron droplets that have an oxidizing effect through adiabatic evaporation humidification. This low pressure, non-chemical, mechanical process, is low maintenance and energy-efficient; this creates a safer and more productive food production environment. The air and water are filtered before entering the system, then oxygenated evenly at output through the unique fogger nozzles.

The Fog Tunnel, uniquely, offers produce farmers the ability to upgrade their equipment for optimal sanitation and production capabilities, without replacing these expensive existing investments. These 3 main benefits highlighted, show the potential farmers have when choosing to integrate a Fog Tunnel into their produce production process. If interested in learning more, please contact us today.

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