Smart Fog Systems are Superior for Dust Suppression

Our systems are efficient for dust suppression because the tiny 4.2 micro droplets that our humidification systems emit successfully capture dust particles in the air. They then suppress them to the ground, keeping the air clean.

Our smart fog dust suppression systems keep dust down

Dust suppression is extremely important to the health of your workers. In some cases, even masks do not keep out enough of the dust that can harm employees’ health. Keeping dust levels down is also better for the environment. Many establishments need a system to meet EPA environmental air quality standards as well. Smart Fog systems are much more economical to use than expensive systems like bag houses and electrostatic precipitators. Using a humidification system with droplets of water that are under 10-micron in size attracts and suppresses small dust particles.

How smart fog works for dust suppression

Since the water droplets from the Smart Fog systems are only 4.2 micron, they are able to absorb the tiniest dust particles in the air and fall to the ground without wetness. Our systems also avoid the problem of clogged pinhole foggers because the Smart Fog system nozzle has a large 0.1 inch orifice that will not clog.

Peter Comment:

In various industries, dust is formed as a by-product of industrial processes (such as the formation of fine wood shavings in the manufacturing of wooden items.