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Smart Fog Disinfection System Features

Properly maintained humidity and a clean environment are some of the most effective preventive measures for contracting viruses. The Smart Fog ES100M Series mobile humidification and disinfection equipment provide many critical features required to clean the germs and bacteria from the environment effectively.

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Smart Fog unique engineered droplets penetrate hard to reach surfaces providing 100% application success of the disinfectant. Both the targeted area and the HVAC system clean in one application.

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Light Speed Distribution

Smart Fog provides light-speed uniform coverage. The 100% evaporating achieved at velocity provides a vehicle in transporting the chemical equally to the entire targeted area.

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Smart Fog decorrelation process injects oxygen into every droplet of water. Dispensed, providies an additional layer of biosecurity. The droplet adhesion enriched in the process causes dust, airborne diseases, bacteria, and virus spores to be attracted, suppressed, and disinfected.


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Most Reliable Product

Smart Fog strives to provide the most reliable product for
The ES100M series was developed and has been used for over 20 years to combat biosecurity issues for human applications, hospitals, pharma, and food saftey. There are many chemicals available that can disinfect and sterilize the environment without leaving any residue. The speed, coverage, and reliability make the Smart Fog system the best choice for your disinfecting and sterilization needs.


Safe Clean Environment

Model: ES100-1M coverage: 1,000sf (1.5 GPH)
Model: ES100-2M coverage: 3,000sf (3 GPH)
Model: ES100-2M3 coverage:10,000sf (9 GPH)

System requirements:
Regular AC outlet: 120-240V
Compressed air 90-120psi
Disinfectant mix or DI Water

Compatible chemicals:
Any water dissolving chemical or material can be used with Smart Fog ES100M mobile series.


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Clean Environment with Smart Fog

Smart Fog system can incorporate any water dissolving material. Clean environment