Smart Fog Leading Manufacturer Industrial Humidifiers

Many companies rely on Smart Fog humidification systems to consistently supply the proper humidity levels for optimum production.

Smart Fog manufacturers a mobile humidifier

The ES100 Mobile Humidifier is manufactured by Smart Fog as a solution for on-the-go applications. It provides easy plug and play mobile humidification and disinfection for sea transportation, produce cold storage, sea food disinfection, trucking, meat storage, storage, class room, house, or hospital. The ES100 provides maintenance free humidification by producing the smallest micron droplet in the market. It produces a cold fog with no condensation and works at all temperatures from 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degree Fahrenheit.

Advantages of our Smart Fog product

Our ES100 Mobile features water droplets that are 4.2 microns, whereas other similar mobile systems droplets are over 20 microns. The large droplets leave wetting and water on the floor. Our tiny microns guarantee no wet spots at all.