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Jumbo Non-Clogging Orifice

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Intelligent Humidity Control
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Energy & Water Efficient
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What is Smart Fog?

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Wet Fog droplets burst and wet the surfaces, like rain.

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Dry Fog droplets rebound from surfaces, like soap bubbles.
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Smart Fog evaporates completely into the air before reaching the surface. Lighting fast uniform coverage.

Smart Fog’s unique technology allows you to maintain the correct humidity without creating new problems. The clean, evenly-spaced droplets evaporate entirely into the environment. With Smart Fog’s fully automated controller and relative humidity sensor – you achieve the relative humidity needed.

Smart Fog is not steam, high pressure or ultrasonic. Nor is another compressed air humidifier.

The secret is the way we produce the Fog. We don’t use heat, high water pressure, transducer boards or the nozzle’s orifice to break down the water droplets. Instead, our unique technology inside the nozzle mixes compressed air and water to form a uniform droplet grid.

These “super-charged” equal-size droplets don’t stick back together – thus allowing them to get fully absorbed into the environment. Yes, you read correctly – all our droplets are the same size! Many people are looking for the smallest droplet in the market. Our claim is not to be the smallest droplet in the market but to produce equal size droplets with 100% absorption.

This unique technology enables us to offer a non-wetting guarantee.

Solve your humidity issues.

We found that producing an efficient non-wetting fog is not enough. So, we developed an intelligent controller with our proprietary algorithm that knows how to read the relative humidity in the environment and react accordingly to avoid over/under-humidifying or fluctuating humidity.

Another factor that makes Smart Fog smart is that we sell a complete system with our intelligent controller. With our complete system, you can maintain the relative humidity required automatically and efficiently 24/7.

Clean humidity is another factor. We filter the air and water thoroughly.

As part of the system, you receive air, and also we offer an optional water filter(if the user doesn’t have a water filter) to ensure that both the air and water entering the system are clean. To ensure the system stays clean, we added a special antibacterial coating to all our pipes.


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The chart shows wine loss at 60% and 80% relative humidity.
Smart Fog provides fast return on investment by minimizing wine loss.

What do you get when you buy a Smart Fog System?

When you purchase the ES100 direct space system, you receive the following:
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ES100 Industrial Humidifier

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CPLC Intelligent Controller

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ES100PB Pneumatic Control Center

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Relative Humidity Sensor

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4 – Stage Air Filter Set

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All pipes & fittings required for the installation (antibacterial coated)
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Optional: ZeroTDS Water Filter – 4 Stage RO/DI Combination Water Filter

Ready to find out more?

You don’t know what type of system you need? No problem. Our in-house humidification experts will take your information and specify a system.

Working with over 150 different industries and applications, all our humidification experts know the right questions to ask to provide the right solution to satisfy your humidity requirements without creating new problems.

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