Many Industries Require Humidification Systems

Many industries require humidification systems. In fact, many businesses need the right type of humidification system. Some of these are laboratories, technology industries, pharmaceuticals, and electronics.

Clean rooms benefit from the right humidification system

Smart Fog has designed a humidification system that reduces static electricity buildup and maintains consistency of materials. Our team can develop a system for you that will maintain humidity and control at all clean levels, depending on the needs of your business. The Smart Fog ES 100 System can be operated with clean levels of water and air according to your needs. This ensures that your production and operating conditions are maintained at uniform levels at all times.

A humidification system is preferable to steam systems

Smart Fog humidifiers are low maintenance whereas steam systems usually require heavy maintenance of steam systems that frequently malfunction. Humidifiers also provide a substantial savings on energy since much less is used for humidification.