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How to check the levels of humidity in a house

If you’re wondering how to monitor your home for the ideal room humidity, you will need a hygrometer. In a similar way to how thermometers track temperature, a hygrometer will help you monitor humidity levels.


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The winter season is characterized by cool temperatures and dry air, which can lead to a wide range of health problems for homeowners and their families. The lack of moisture vapor in the air may cause dry mouth, itchy/sore throat, headaches, allergies, respiratory infections, and more. Don’t assume these problems will go away when spring arrives, as some homes and indoor environments experience low humidity year-round.

To put the importance of indoor humidity control into perspective, a recent study found that maintaining a 40-60% relative humidity (RH) would prevent a significant amount of related health issues.


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Key steps


  • Air-dry clothes on drying frames.
  • Wash dishes by hand and leave them to air-dry.
  • Leave the door open when having a shower to let the steam out.
  • Allow baths to cool with the door open before draining the tub.
  • Create a homemade humidifier with bowls of water and sunlight.

When there isn’t enough moisture in the air, it can make people feel stuffy, headachy and even exacerbate dry skin issues. Both air conditioning and central heating can reduce humidity in the home, meaning that all year round it’s good to know some handy tricks for diffusing some moisture back into the air. Here we’ll show you how to increase humidity at home as well as how to monitor the humidity in your house. If your house is too humid, we also have advice on reducing humidity at home.



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