Wine Cellar Humidifiers and Wine Cellar Humidification

How The Wine Cellar Humidifier Helps Create Superb Wines

Wine Cellar HumidifiersThe Romans are said to be the first civilization to slowly age wine in wine cellars. Hundreds of years ago, wine was created primarily by hand in huge wine presses and poured into barrels. The barrels were rolled to storage, which was located in the bottom level of a home, castle or local tavern.

Keeping the wine in a dark, damp, still location with a steady temperature helped to create the best wine possible.

Today, most people do not have an effective wine cellar in their homes–or even at their wineries. Instead, people try to replicate the conditions found in a wine cellar located deep in the ground. A wine cellar humidifier is one of the key components to creating the damp atmosphere needed to age the best tasting wines possible. Unfortunately, most humidifiers will cause damage to the controlled room where the wine is stored because of the condensation they inadvertently create.

Safe and Efficient Wine Cellar Humidifiers

Smart Fog has created wine cellar humidifier that are safe enough to use in a home and strong enough to be used in commercial wineries. The special design of the Smart Fog Inc system creates any level of humidity needed without causing problems from condensation and freestanding water. Each unit comes with top-of-the-line sensors to constantly monitor the humidity levels in the room and make adjustments as necessary.

The Smart Fog Inc wine cellar humidifier system also contributes to the ambient temperature in the wine cellar, helping you keep the proper temperatures needed for excellent wine aging. You need humidity to make great wines.

Learn more about Smart Fog systems by contacting or making a toll-free call to 1-800-921-5230. After all, you need humidity.