Smart Fog Tunnel

Product Number:    FT100

Product Name:       Smart Fog® Fog Tunnel

Product Description:
Smart Fog offers the patent-pending Fog Tunnel Treatment System. The Fog Tunnel is a stainless steel enclosure that may be retrofitted on any existing conveyor system or custom manufactured. The contained structure helps limit worker exposure. The FogTunnel contains the Smart Fog system that produces a saturated environment of activated peroxygen to help treat produce. The Fog Tunnel is capable of consistently producing a 2-5 log reduction depending on desired target concentration treatment product. 

Product Advantages:
  • Maintenance free, no moving parts
  • Fast and simple plug and play installation
  • 4.2 micron droplet size with Smart Fog® equal air spacing technology
  • Smart Fog® Double Cooling technology (Evaporative Cooling and Cold Fog)
  • Non-clogging mechanism
  • Precise Relative Humidity Control (±1%) from 1% to 100% in any condition
  • Conserve Energy and Water
  • Safe! Low operating pressure
  • High Quality workmanship, MADE IN THE USA
  • NO wet spots, Guaranteed
  • Increased Quality & Less Spoilage
  • For Fresh or Processed Produce
  • Easy Application
  • Eliminate bacteria, plant pathogens and other spoilage organisms

Unit Placement Options: Free Standing



Electrical Requirements:
Primary Voltage: 120 V

Power Demand: 4A

Compresssed Air Requirement:

Rated Input: 5 cfm @ 100 psi

Min: 100 psi (7 bar)

Max: 130 psi (9 bar)

Water Requirement:
Min Water Pressure: 10 psi (1 bar)
Max Water Pressure: 80 psi (6 bar)

Control Tolerance: 1 +/- %

Operating Parameters:
Min Temp: 30 F / -1 C
Max Temp: 210 F / 99 C

General Technology:

Nozzle (compressed air & water)

SmartFog De-correlation

SmartFog Airnet

Water Tolerance:

Deionized / Demineralized


Raw / Tap
Unit Dimention: