Smart Fog Paint Booth Humidification System

What are the direct benefits of Smart Fog Paint Booth and Spray Booth Humidification Technology?

Smart Fog has worked hard to perfect the humidification systems that are used in paint booths and spray booths. The heart of our system innovation stems from the desire to create the perfect environment for paint to cure in. It is through this concept that we created a system that provides the following benefits to its user:

  • The industry’s lowest energy consumption.100% water efficiency, no drains and no waste.
  • No maintenance of the humidification units, only humidification requirement is changing filter elements every two (2) years.
  • Extremely Precise humidity level control, Smart Fog’s proprietary algorithms ensure uniform relative humidity throughout the Pain Booth.
  • Ultra-fine 4.2 micron dry fog droplets.
  • Precision engineering and 316 Stainless steel construction, provides a life time of operation and no moving parts.
  • Simple and easy installation and flexible system and effortless install in new plants and retrofit in older installations.
  • Smart Fog provides the industries only Non-wetting and Proformance Guarantee.
  • It completely eliminates electro static discharge (ESD) and static electricity.
  • 100% elimination of all suspended airborne dust.
  • The optional low energy cooling features.
  • Optional industries leading disinfection and sanitation function
  • Human safe system, low pressure, non electrical fully pneumatic humidification system with low voltage controls.