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What Is a Laboratory Humidifier?

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere, and humidifiers are instruments that increase the humidity level. There are many types of humidifiers for laboratory use depending on the setting’s needs and requirements. A laboratory humidifier is an important device used in various laboratories to maintain desired level of humidity.

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Advantages of Using Laboratory Humidifiers

In times of sudden changes in humidity conditions, it becomes essential to have a device which can restore the humidity to a required level in a laboratory. Thankfully, laboratory humidifiers maintain desirable humidity, and ensure quality and soothing atmosphere necessary in any laboratory. More and more laboratories use a laboratory humidifier to restore required humidity, leading to many advantages.

The following are some of the important benefits of a laboratory humidifier.

Improves Atmospheric Conditions

Laboratory humidifiers enhance the level of humidity in a laboratory which is necessary for performing a number of tests or tasks. Certain tests require controlled atmospheric conditions and desired humidity level. By improving air quality, these laboratory humidifiers assist in performing experiments and tests in desired atmospheric conditions.

Reduces Static Electricity

During winter season when the air is dry, there are high chances of tiny shocks resulting from the touch of certain objects. When static electricity charges metallic furniture and doorknobs, it can be very annoying. Moreover, static charges can damage electrical laboratory appliances. The use of laboratory humidifiers avoids all these problems, and ensures controlled and favorable humidity in medical and clinical laboratories.

Reduces Risk of Sickness and Breathing Problems

People tend to fall sick and become more susceptible to a number of problems such as cold, flu when the level of humidity falls to a considerable extent. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to increase the level of humidity to a favorable level to avoid susceptibility to infection. Laboratory humidifiers increase humidity level favorably making the air moist which help relieve cold, fever, flu and other problems in clinical and other laboratories.

Prevents Hydration of Wooden Floors and Appliances

Often wooden furniture and wooden appliances buckle and separate due to hydration. By employing laboratory humidifiers, the problem can be reduced drastically. Moreover, better humidity level also keeps the furniture in good shape. Thus, laboratory humidifiers prevent wearing out of wooden appliances and furniture due to unusual atmospheric conditions, besides saving lot of money.

Decreases Electricity Bills

Humidifiers play a vital role in reducing electricity bills considerably. The same is applicable to laboratory humidifiers. A well maintained humidity level keeps the atmosphere warm and warm air has the capacity to hold more water compared to cooler air. If humidity levels are high, there is no need to use heating appliances very often. The lesser the use of heating appliance in a laboratory, the lesser will be the electricity bills. By maintaining desired humidity levels, laboratory humidifiers bring down the cost of heating and saves decent amount of money on electricity bills each month.

Enhances Working Efficiency

Often, doctors and other personnel in the laboratory perform for prolonged hours which subsequently cause fatigue and tiredness. This can affect the working efficiency, especially if the level of humidity drops to a considerable level. By increasing the level of humidity, laboratory humidifiers help to reduce the amount of tiredness and fatigue of people engaged in a laboratory. Moreover, the working efficiency is boosted which is reflected in quick and better laboratory results.

Laboratory Humidifiers From Smart Fog

Smart Fog pushes industry boundaries by producing innovative laboratory humidification systems. Our equipment uses Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology, an efficient mechanical process that produces small droplets that cling to unwanted particles in the air. We bolster our machines with automation tools and precise sensors to achieve your ideal humidity with heightened accuracy. Choose one of our three humidification systems for your laboratory:

  1. ES100Direct humidification
  2. ES100M: Portable humidification
  3. TS100: In-duct humidification

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