Ripening Rooms

Helping fresh produce ripen and last

Delaying the ripening process allows the food chain to eliminate waste and feed more people. But when the moisture in the air is uneven, the shelf life of produce is cut short. For ripe produce to last longer, ripening rooms need balanced, non-wetting humidity.

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The Humidification Challenge

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Inadequate Humidity Harms Produce

When produce arrives at a ripening room, it needs the correct humidity level to ripen on schedule. If the level is too high or too low, the fruits and vegetables could spoil. And if they ripen too slowly, shipping and delivery schedules could be delayed.

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Inadequate Humidity Prevents Optimal Productivity

Furthermore, humidifiers need to control the growth of airborne bacteria, mold, and insects. And for peak preservation, humidifiers should lower ambient ripening room temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

By reducing contaminants and cooling produce when necessary, ripening rooms save stress on the fruits and vegetables and cultivate higher quality products.

The Self-Evaporative Solution

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Preventing Profit Loss

Self-evaporative humidification systems improve quality and profit by reducing produce water loss and preventing cracking, bruising, and spoilage.

This technology keeps produce fresh and the room dry by ensuring a 100% evaporation rate. Self-evaporating humidity hydrates produce, even penetrating boxes and packaging, without wetting a single surface.

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Preventing Contaminants

And, due to the size and nature of self-evaporating droplets, self-evaporative humidification thoroughly eliminates harmful organisms.

Since the molecular attractions are reversed during the self-evaporative process, dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses are attracted to the droplets by adhesion. Once they are attracted, they are oxidized and eliminated.

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Boosting Efficiency

To increase profits further, ripening rooms utilize the energy efficient and low-maintenance design of self-evaporative technology. Self-evaporation uses a patented process that generates water droplets without requiring much energy, usually saving facilities 50-90%.

As a bonus, these systems are simple to install and require very little maintenance beyond the occasional (and easy) filter replacement. Installing a self-evaporative humidification system helps produce ripen and last, and helps ripening rooms save time and money with ease.