Greenhouse Humidifier

Greenhouse humidifier



Plants stored in greenhouses need special care. Typically, they are grown in a climate controlled space. This is because they cannot tolerate environmental extremes. Keeping the interior of the greenhouse at a constant temperature and humidity level is crucial to the survival of plants.

Smart Fog® utilizes the patented enforcement technologies to reverse the correlation effect. This causes the consistent distribution of a water droplet the size of 4.2 microns enforced into the air uniformly. Furthermore, this technology is able to create the necessary humidity in the greenhouse, while keeping all surfaces dry.

The Smart Fog Systems help to maintain the strict range of conditions for optimal plant growth.

The Smart Fog humidification systems help to elevate humidity levels which is especially beneficial to tropical plants. Too much moisture in the air results in pools of standing water.  This can drown certain species of plants and encourage mold and mildew growths. However, Smart Fog fogger systems provide the perfect amount of humidity without excess.


greenhouse humidifier With 100% evaporative vapor, every drop dispensed into the air cools the environment. The fractal phenomenon provides additional cooling by decreasing the vapor temperature.

Therefore, maintaining the optimum temperature in the greenhouse is important for healthy plants. There are some climates and plant species which require cooler temperatures than the average greenhouse can provide. The Smart Fog cooling system helps keep the temperature down in a range where the greenhouse plants will thrive.


The third feature of the Smart Fog System is the spraying option. Never spray by hand again. Any water soluble material can be sprayed together with the fog into the greenhouse. Whether its fertilizer, fungicides, insecticides or disinfection material, the Smart Fog system can handle it. It covers and penetrates with a thin film allowing maximum effect of any material applied through the system.

Smart Fog provides the surest and simplest method of maintaining the perfect growing environment for plants kept in a greenhouse. Most importantly, the Smart Fog system provides an accurate and reliable control. Which also provides full data reporting and storing it on a PC.

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