Fast Return On Investment Smart Fog Humidification System

Smart Fog Humidification System provides many benefits which reduces loss and conserves resources. In the majority of the industries, the return on investment is fast; starting from just a few months to a year.

For example in the wine industry:

Loss reduction $$

Evaporation loss of the wine + determination of the wood = Payback of the entire Smart Fog humidification system in just 3 months.

Labor saving $$

The Smart Fog Humidification system also provides reduction in the topping costs which can cut the labor costs by over 50%.

Energy Saving $$

Another aspect and fast return on investment is the energy cost, which is very low because the system uses only 100 psi of compressed air and no water pressure.

The Smart Fog Humidification system is designed specifically to aid in the cooling process providing a double cooling effect which reduces the A/C energy load on average by 26%.

Water Conservation $$

The Smart Fog humidifiers produce 4.2 micron droplets which 100% evaporate into the air, which means no wasted water on the floor and barrels.

Maintain a clean environment $$

Smart Fog humidification systems provides dust suppression and eliminates mold, viruses and bacteria. This can safeguard against spoils of the wine and the fast return on investment.

Intelligent Control means higher quality $$

Smart Fog Humidifiers are controlled by scientifically generated algorithm which allows the user to control precisely the relative humidity level in any condition differentiating between evaporated humidity and generated humidity. Also, this  allows the winemaker to control the alcohol level and produce higher quality wine, therefore, getting a fast return on investment.