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How Our Product Help Data Rooms

Our humidification and evaporative cooling solutions offer the following benefits for data rooms.

  • Improve quality & uniformity
  • Increased production
  • Decreased waste
  • Reduces employee related injuries due to airborne pathogens
  • Monitor environment 24/7/365.


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Smart Fog Humidifiers

Our humidifiers maintain a precise humidity level for every product stage, while retaining a clean environment with no wet spots. What makes Smart Fog® an ideal solution for company data rooms? It is all about our humidifiers’ key features.

  • First, the 4.2-micron droplets created by Smart Fog® systems will evaporate completely into the air before reaching any surface. We achieved 100% evaporation rate, water efficiency and dust suppression. SMART FOG IS A FOG THAT DOES NOT MOISTEN THE EXPOSED SURFACES!
  • Second, Smart Fog®  will maintain non-fluctuating humidity 24/7. More importantly, maintaining precise humidity enhances the quality of the product and eliminates the possibility of condensation. This eliminates the possibility of mold, as well as, other issues.
  • Third, our technology uses clean fog. Therefore, you can expect no bacteria, no viruses, no cysts, or other pathogens.

Energy Efficient Natural Process

Energy Efficient

Micron levels

Temperature Control


Controls and Monitoring

Data Controls

Humidity Levels

  • Smart Fog designed their humidifiers with fully automated controls and data logging capabilities.
    • This is essential for maintaining different humidity levels throughout every stage.
    • With Smart Fog®, you can change and verify the humidity 24/7 with easy-to-use timeframe programs.
  • Our Humidifiers come with fully automated controls and data logging to ensure that your data rooms are always perfectly balanced.
  • Four Functions in One System
    1. Precise Humidity Control
    2. Fumigation/Sanitation
    3. Cooling
    4. Dust Suppression & Static Elimination


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Plug & Play Installation

Easy Installation


Pipe Size

  • Designed for fast and low-cost installation, there are no moving parts. Our systems do not require the use of any adhesives and comes with push-in connectors that are reusable.
  • Our systems meet the highest industry standards, building codes and electrical requirements. All standard system piping is made of plastic, flexible piping.  Therefore, it is extremely durable and easy to install in data rooms. Smart Fog® systems can be mounted on the wall, placed adjacent to air handling units, suspended from the ceiling or inserted into ducts.
  • Lastly, all Smart Fog® systems come with a comprehensive one-year warranty. Not only that, we provide a comprehensive economical extended warranty plan, covering all equipment.

Clean Environment with Smart Fog

Smart Fog system can incorporate any water dissolving material. Clean environment

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