Custom Design of a Humidifier System for a Winery Barrel Room

Winery Barrel Room Application


In this project, Smart Fog® develops a humidification system for a winery barrel room. Due to the sensitivity of wine to its environment, maintaining stability is an absolute must. Therefore, our client needs the relative humidity of the 2,700 square foot barrel room to be 70-75%. Furthermore, the client wanted keep the temperature between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit (F). To cap it all off, water filtration is required since the silica level in the water is relatively high. In other words, it was a job perfectly suited for our ES100-2 Humidification System.


Our ES100-2 Humidification System consists of a variety of components, including a CPLC control and a S1 relative humidity sensor. This also includes the ZeroTDS 200 water filtration system, as well as, a pipe and fittings kit. The CPLC controller program is standard with an optional air pressure sensor. Also, the PLC control specifications include 4 analog inputs, 7 transistor outputs and 2 lines X 16 characters. Not only that, it also includes STN LCD, LED backlighting, HMI displays and a 42 VDC power supply. The S1 sensor features a relative humidity range of 0 to 100 percent. This is a temperature range of -40 to 140 degrees F with an accuracy RH of +/- 1%.

With this technology in place, the temperature of the winery room will be monitored and controlled with swift, accurate efficiency. Our ES100-2 Humidification System is able to provide 99% humidification in a space of 3,000 square feet which is more total area than originally asked for. By installing our unique system, we are able to accommodate, and even surpass, our client’s original expectations. For more information, please contact Smart Fog® today to get details on our full design and equipment services.



Winery Barrel Room Humidifier Project Details


Product Description Our ES100-2 humidification system is applied to a winery barrel room to maintain a stable environment.
Barrel Room Size 2,700 square feet
Maintained Temperature

55˚F to 60˚F
Relative Humidity Required70% to 75%
CharacteristicsWater Filtration


  • Use due to Water Having High Silica Level

Components UsedES100-2
CPLC Control
S1 Relative Humidity Sensor
ZeroTDS 200 Water Filter System
Pipe & Fittings Kit
Industry of Use


Wine Storage
NameCustom Winery Barrel Room Humidification System

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